Linux on Asus G20AJ

The ROG G20 desktop is a pretty annoying pile of hardware to get Linux on properly. I'm running a dual-boot UEFI configuration next to Windows 8.1.

This isn't a proper guide since what worked for me is unlikely to work for others (anybody reported success on the ROG forums appears to be winding up with varying configs.) These are just a few notes on what eventually worked out.


  • Use BIOS update 0601. 0703 introduces microcode patch 15 which, as far as I can tell, doesn't work with the PCI flags used below (resulted in CPU deadlocks for me.)
  • Get your installation media ready. Kernel 3.19 is what I had luck with. Distro probably won't matter if you built with a mainline kernel. (It's worth noting that I resorted to stock Ubuntu 15.04 as a sanity check with no dice.)
  • Disable FastBoot in BIOS settings
  • Set SecureBoot OS type to Other


  • Force graphics output to CPU in BIOS and use integrated HDMI port for installation
  • Boot installation env with kernel flags noapic nosetmode
  • Install as usual
  • Config installed bootloader (I used grub2) with boot options pci=nocrs pci=realloc

Post installation

  • Boot into (or chroot from installation media if you're cool like that) installed distro and install NVidia proprietary drivers
  • Reboot, change graphics output back to Auto (or GPU if you need to force for some reason)
  • Basic system should work with accelerated graphics. Good luck with BT/WiFi!


I highly suggest compiz for WM due to the NVidia support hacks they've got.