Fitbot/TrueCoachTechnical LeadApr 2017 - Present
  • Responsibility for all back-end services
  • Contribution towards FE and BE work as a full-stack dev
  • Oversight and management of back-end team members and contractors
  • Third-party tooling and integration selection and management
Ruby, Postgres, Rails, Ember, Redis, Docker, Linux
CulturalistSenior EngineerJan 2016 - Feb 2017
  • Assisted in feature development from initial concept, through planning, estimation design and implementation
  • Built out front and back ends of various site features on Culturalist.com
  • Led transition of legacy mobile site to fully responsive front-end
  • Designed and implemented cluster-based content recommendation system and duplicate content detection
Ruby, Postgres, Rails, Backbone, Marionette, Chef, Coffeescript, AWS, Vagrant, Linux, Cucumber
Strange Brew LLCFreelance EngineerJan 2014 - Mar 2018
  • Led development on a trained insurance rate adjustment model
  • Maintain client infrastructure
  • Built a REST API in Go for reporting ocean mercury levels from buoy sensor data
  • Led a team of five cross-discipline developers on the creation of an natural language platform capable of feature extraction and sentiment analysis on scraped social data.
Rust, Go, Postgres, Redis, Ruby, Rails, React, Ember, Javascript, Coffeescript, Linux, AWS, Ansible, Chef, Machine Learning
Smashing BoxesTechnical LeadSep 2013 - Aug 2015
  • Built and maintained Ansible-based deployment tools for the company's many production servers
  • Led teams of up to 7 cross-discipline developers on several project's, including the agency's primary project through 2015
  • Estimated and advised on scope and timeline for projects budgeted over $1MM
  • Worked solo on several projects in a full-stack capacity
Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Ansible, Angular, Android (OS), Redis, C/C++, Nginx, Sinatra
Automated InsightsSenior Rails DeveloperApr 2013 - July 2013
  • Built natural language generation solution to provide plain-english recaps on individual and aggregate fitness data
  • Investigated, prototyped and advised on development direction for internal tooling solutions to simplify template-based NLG
Ruby, Rails, NLG, MySQL, Redis
LinkedInSoftware EngineerMay 2012 - Jan 2013
  • Built out REST APIs as microservices to integrate Slideshare.com with LinkedIn.com
  • Contributed to adaptation of Slideshare's FE rendering platform to be used with LinkedIn
  • Implemented metrics collection infrasture to monitor usage of integration features
Ruby, MongoDB, Javascript, RoR, Sinatra, Java, MySQL
SlideShareSoftware EngineerSep 2011 - May 2012
  • Enhanced architecture of and implemented additional features on top of existing services which power Slideshare.com's analytics
  • Assisted during high-risk ops tasks jeporadizing traffic of tens of thousands of concurrent users
  • Identified and optimized performance bottlenecks on a MySQL database serving tens of thousands of concurrent users with many hundreds of millions of rows in large tables
Ruby, MongoDB, Javascript, RoR, Sinatra, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Solr, Nagios, Nginx, HAproxy, AWS
PeopleFindersDeveloperFeb 2011 - Sep 2011
  • Built toolchain for wrangling internal data representation formats
  • Created scripts for getting records from external data sources into ETL pipeline
  • Researched and advised on storage and warehousing strategies for reducing strain on a DB with tables reaching billions of records
C#, MSSQL, Awk, Bash, Sed, Ruby, Python, C/C++
Orbital ImpactJr. Developer2009 - Sep 2011
  • Implemented live nudity detection on a real-time video chat service, capable of a false positive rate under 0.15% while identifying ~75% of exposed phalli in tests
  • Implemented chatroulette style user-matchmaking as well as message streaming services
  • Built and maintained various sites and APIs with PHP and RoR
Ruby, OpenCV, PHP
SelfFreelance Developer2006-2011
  • Built web interfaces in XHTML/CSS
  • Built and maintained Joomla websites including custom PHP components
  • Built and maintained web applications written with PERL, RoR and Python
  • Maintained client LAMP infrastructure
  • Contracted on odd jobs ranging from maintaining clerical tools for local government written in FORTH to implement an ecommerce platform in VB.net
C#, Perl, Assembly (MSP430), FORTH, Haskell, Java, PHP, Linux, MySQL, MSSQL, VB.net, Postgres, Common Lisp